Transfer AOL Contacts To Outlook

How Do I Import an AOL Contact List to Outlook?

When transferring your AOL contacts, the most important thing you must keep in mind is to transfer your data using a comma-separated value. These CVS files are useful because they are compatible with almost any email service provider, including Microsoft Outlook. If you are looking to transfer your contacts cleanly here are a couple of steps you could follow:

Transfer AOL contacts to Microsoft Outlook

Steps to Export contacts from your AOL account

As it was mentioned earlier, the most effective way of transferring your contacts is by saving them as a CSV file. You can follow the steps below to learn how to do that:

  • Go to the AOL Homepage and sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to Contacts and look for the ‘Export’ option under ‘Tools’
  • You will see a ‘Comma Separated Value’ option. You will notice that it looks a little like a radio button. Select the CSV option and click ‘Export’.
  • The file will begin downloading. Once the download is complete save the file on your computer in a convenient location.

Steps to Import your AOL contacts to your Microsoft Outlook account

The reason why the CSV file format is the best because it is compatible with most software and can be easily imported by Microsoft Outlook. Just follow these steps

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and select the ‘Import and Export’ option from the menu.
  • You should be able to see an option that reads ‘Import from another program or file’.
  • Choose ‘Comma Separated Value’ format and continue.
  • Select the CVS file you downloaded and click ‘next’. But don’t forget to choose the ‘Do not import duplicate’ option
  • Now you just need to choose the folder where you want the contact and click ‘Finish’.

If you follow the steps mentioned above you will be able to easily transfer all your contacts without any hassle. However if you encounter a technical error or for some reason are not able to complete a step, just call the  AOL support number to sort out the problem.

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