AOL Old mail disappeared error

My AOL Old Mail Disappeared Have anyone idea to recover missing emails

So, you are here looking for the solution to AOL Old mail disappeared error?

All AOL Desktop Gold and mail users- who are annoyed by the lost AOL emails can find the solution ahead. In particular, you can find:

  • Solution to emails that are missing from AOL Mail inbox
  • Quick fix for sent mail on AOL accounts disappearing from folder
  • AOL mail folders disappeared on iPhone: Troubleshooting
  • Resolution for missing a ton of email in AOL Gold
  • Answers for AOL old & new emails: all disappeared, etc.

So, with no more fuss- Lets get started!!

When do AOL emails go missing/disappeared?

Before heading towards the troubleshooting of disappeared mails from AOL, its vital to know the reason that triggered it.

As, this way- you can target the exact cause and fix your issue quickly.

Synchronization error

If you move an email from your AOL Gold account on a device but cant see it through another device – it implies theres no synchronization between them.

Simply put, disabled Sync function will display AOL mail folders as disappeared on iPhone or any other device- that you are using.

POP server issue

If your AOL account uses POP over IMAP settings then, the AOL emails received or moved through one device wont be visible on another.

Database Corruption

If you are accessing AOL emails through client-based applications then, sometimes they refuse to start. And, in worst scenario, they may even ask for the database repair. During which, some of the message copies may delete from server as well as the mail server account.

Conversation View

If your AOL mails appear to be in Conversation View then, some of the emails disappeared from AOL inbox are actually grouped together in a thread.

AOL Filters

You wont be able to retrieve old AOL emails if the filter settings in AOL account are incorrect. Thus, to get rid of missing AOL emails issue in Desktop Gold- you need to change or delete these settings.

Insecure AOL Desktop Gold/Mail account

Herein, if your AOL Desktop Gold account gets hacked- then, there are strong chances that the intruders intentionally delete some AOL emails from your account.

However, you can still retrieve permanently deleted emails from AOL!

Surprised-how is it possible? Well, ask Email Desktop Gold experts for it. They will surely help you get the lost emails back.

Likewise, shared mailbox and Drag-drop mistakes are also responsible for lost AOL emails in Desktop Gold account.

Now, if you know the reason- then, find your concerned troubleshooting steps below!

Note: However, if you are still struggling to find the exact cause of your lost AOL Gold emails then, leave it aside. Instead, start from the first troubleshooting and execute each step unless your problem is fixed!

Troubleshoot: AOL Old Mail Disappeared Error

To retrieve old AOL emails, follow the given steps in sequence.

For better understanding, we have divided the whole process into different sections, so it gets easy for you to recover missing AOL mails.

How to recover deleted AOL mail in Desktop gold?

When you delete any AOL mail from the inbox, you can easily get it back with the following steps:

  1. Login AOL Desktop Gold account with valid credentials.

If by any reason, you are unable to get inside the AOL account then, execute AOL password recovery steps for the successful sign in.

  1. Next, tap on Mail icon below the menu bar and tap on Trash option in the left panel of the opened window.
  2. If you are able to locate disappeared old AOL email in the folder then, choose it.
  3. Then, tap on Action button at top and under “Move to:” select the folder-where you wish to move that AOL Gold email.

The message will surely be restored! which has been missing or dissapeared..

Note: In case, you cant find the email in the Trash folder then, navigate to MY Folders-> Saved mail Folder and check if the missing AOL email is lying there. If thats a yes then, repeat the same process as above for TRASH folder.

Hope above the steps will help you to recover aol mail disappeared or missing.

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