Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Outlook is one of the most well-known email service providers and it is owned by Microsoft. Obviously, it is incredibly famous since it gives such a dependable and productive help. However, there are times when clients regularly experience the ill effects of undesirable issues identified with their outlook account. There can be multiple reasons for your Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails. 

Why is Outlook not receiving emails?

Hundreds of times, while sending or receiving mails at Outlook, clients find that they are not ready to get messages sent by others. Before we examine approaches to fix Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail, we should rapidly consider what could have made this issue start with.

  • Error with your internet connection. Maybe, the speed of your internet is too slow.
  • A framework segment (like a firewall) may be obstructing the mail from receiving.
  • The emails could be put away in the spam organizer rather than the primary inbox.
  • Your mail account probably won’t be appropriately synced with Outlook.
  • You could have entered the wrong password or setup details.
  • Outlook’s server may be down or the email customer can be inaccessible.
  • An Outlook module could have caused this issue.
  • Viruses may have defiled Outlook information on your framework.

Below are the steps to troubleshoot this outlook not receiving emails problem- 

  • Click on the outlook window which is on the right corner. After clicking on the window, if it shows the disconnected, offline, or attempting to connect, you are not connected to your mail server.
  • Now, go to the send and receive tab by click on the ribbon bar.
  • After that, Hit on the work offline option in the Preferences group. Now, you are able to see the connection to the server in the lower-right corner of the window.
  • Hit the button of send and receive all group folder in the send and receive group.
  • After doing the above step, Verify whether the message is currently in the sent folder or still in the Outbox.

Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail

Attempting to get to an important email and not having the option to see it is near frustration. By following every one of the arrangements above until you discover one that works, you will rapidly fix Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail. When in doubt, at that point consider utilizing your cell phone to get to your email account. This is only a secondary and temporary measure however will ideally let you get new messages while you make sense of why you can’t get them on Outlook.

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