How To Set Up Microsoft Outlook On The Computer

How To Set Up Microsoft Outlook On The Computer

Microsoft Outlook is one of the very efficient email application and the part of Microsoft Office suite, which actually used as the personal information manager which also include a task manager, calendar, note taking or journal with web browsing. It is just a stand-alone application that works as both, that is Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server that can be used for multiple user in an organization for various activities like sharing of mailbox and calendar, exchanging public folder, fixing meeting schedule and much more.

Today Microsoft Outlook has become a great mailing platform with multiple task and many of the people want to set up Microsoft Outlook on their system. Here I am showing the few step through which one can easily setup Outlook on their system. Steps are mentioned as below:

1. Firstly go to the “Start” menu and write “Outlook” in the search box and click over that you will get the Outlook page.


2. The Outlook page appears on the desktop where you click on “File” menu.


3. On clicking over “File” menu, you will get the page appearance as shown below. Now here you have to click on “Account Setting”


4. After clicking “Account Setting” you will get “Account Setting” page where you have to click over “New”.


5. After clicking on “New” you will get “Add Account” page as shown below. Here you have to write your name, email address and password. Now click on “Next”.


6. After clicking on “Next” you will get “Choose Service” page as shown below in figure. Through Microsoft Cloud Solution find best Microsoft Cloud Partners and customize solutions by experts at

Now connect your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or an organization’s Microsoft Exchange server to an email. Your ISP routes include IMAP, POP3 and HTTP. So click as your wish and move to the “NEXT”.


7. After clicking on the “Next” you will get the page as shown below figure.Now enter the required information here in POP3 and IMAP setting. Here you may have to call your Internet Service Provider for some of the settings like Name, E-Mail Address, User Name which is normally your email address or the first part of your email address before @ sign, Password, Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP).


8. Now check properly for any additional setting requirement. Click over “More Setting” for consumer email provider and for corporate account with proper configuration of security setting. Find out ISP for any additional requirement which mainly include your port number, custom authentication scripts or secure encrypted connection.

9. Now finish the process and test your email. Here if you need any more changes in setting, then go to the step 3 and 4 and choose “View” or “Change existing e- mail account”.

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