How to fix AOL Image Puzzle Error

How to fix AOL Image Puzzle Error

With AOL Mail you get many security features to keep your account secure and protected from suspicious threats. One of the most common security features is CAPTCHA or AOL mail image challenges, which occurs when you send a mail. If you are getting an ‘AOL Image Puzzle Error on your AOL mail account, and then you can consider this forum guide to fix AOL Image Puzzle’ Error or you can visit AOL’s official website

Why it is important to resolve ‘AOL Image Puzzle’ Error?

It is important to resolve errors like ‘AOL Image Puzzle’ as this type error becomes a security concern for you and an opportunity for the hackers to hack your account.  You should enable the image security process by keeping in mind that the characters must be entertained manually so that only a real person can pass the test. This article will help you to fix AOL mail image challenges.

How can you fix aol mail image challenges such as ‘AOL Image Puzzle’?

To fix AOL Image Puzzle error, you can have a glimpse on the points mentioned below:-

  1. If your browser preferences are set to ‘display images’ mode, in such situation you should try to make changes in the preferences and then check it again.
  2. You can also opt for an alternative way, you can listen to the text’s aol mail image challenges by clicking on the ‘Audio’ icon.
  3. On you have passed aol mail image challenges, you should wait for a while before you prompt to pass another challenge.
  4. Now, you should try to clear the cache and cookies or you can manually try to pass the challenge through “aol mail image challenges security” check site.
  5. In this step, you should check out the “AOL Security Center”.
  6. In the final step, it is recommended to install antivirus software and then reset your password to make sure it is secured.

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