how do i connect my hp printer to wifi

How do I connect my hp printer to a new wireless network?

Nowadays, printers are a very common device. From Children to office employees, everyone is using the printer for different purposes. The interesting thing is that day by day it comes with more advanced features that are greatly helpful for customers. HP is the most excellent printing device which comes in different models. If you have an HP wireless printer and don’t have an idea how does connect my hp printer to the wireless network then here are the useful steps for you. Follow the below steps which will helpful for you to connect your wireless printer.

The wireless innovation that is utilized in the HP printer enables you to print your reports anyplace and whenever. This innovation of the HP printer can be utilized by simply interfacing your remote printer to your device either through a wired system or through your remote switch and print archives effectively.

Simple steps to Connect HP Printer to the wireless network

To associate the printer:

Wi-Fi Direct enables you to print remotely through your PC, Smartphone, or tablet. For that, you are working framework must download the favored printer programming. To turn on Wi-Fi direct pursue the means given beneath:

  • Go to the ‘Control Panel’ by tapping on the Start button and afterward press the Wi-Fi Direct alternative
  • In Wi-Fi direct choice select ‘Settings’. There you can Turn-On the Wi-Fi direct choice
  • You would now be able to associate up to five gadgets with the Wi-Fi direct strategy
  • You can likewise get to this strategy if, when your printer is associated through USB link. Ensure that your device has a functioning web association. In the event that you have associated your printer to the PC using a USB link or port, pursue the notice given methodology for the Wi-Fi Direct connection.
  • As a matter of first importance, open the HP printer programming in the PC
  • Tap on Tools> Device Setup and Software> Connect another device
  • Under the association tab you will discover Wireless option
  • The rundown of accessible printers is referenced there; you have to choose your HP printer from that rundown
  • Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to finish the arrangement association process

By following these easy steps you can easily connect your HP wireless printer without facing any trouble. And printer wherever you want, no matter where your printer is because print option is just one click away from you.

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