How to Change Your Sender Name in Gmail

How to Change Your Sender Name in Gmail

With a few easy steps, you can change your name for sent messages into anything you want. We don’t suggest changing it to anything crazy, but it can be a great opportunity for company branding.

For example, I could change my name from ‘John Doe’ to ‘John Doe | BetterCloud Monitor’ so people immediately associate my name with the BetterCloud Monitor.

To get started on changing your sender name in Gmail, follow these easy steps:

1.) Click on the Settings gear at the top of your Gmail inbox, then click Settings.

2.) Click the Accounts tab, then find the Send mail as: section.

3.) Select the edit info link directly across from the sender name you’d like to change.

4.) Enter in your new sender name in the text box below your current sender name.

5.) Save Changes.

Google Apps Admins also have the option to disable this feature in the Admin Console

1.) Open up the Admin Console and go to the Google Apps section.

2.) Open the Gmail section and select User Settings.

3.) Scroll down to the End user settings section and you should see this option:

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