how to add signature in aol mail

How to Add an Email Signature in AOL Mail

If you need to manually add the same closing note every time you send an email from your AOL account, you will be glad to know that AOL allows you to add a signature to your Outgoing emails as a closing note. This way you will never need to manually enter the closing not in your outgoing emails as you will get it added automatically when you would have created the signature in your AOL account. To know how to add a signature to your AOL account, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide.

Quick Steps to Add a Signature in AOL Account

Step 1:

Open up your browser and log in to AOL Mail. Click on Options in the top right corner, then select Mail Settings.

AOL Email Signature

Step 2:

Click on Compose from the left menu. Ensure that Use Rich Text / HTML Formatting is ticked. From the Signature drop-down box, select Use Signature.

Step 3:

Paste your email signature into the text box that opens up. At the bottom, click on Save Settings.

Step 4:

Your new email signature is now installed! Test it out by composing a new email to make sure it looks correct.

After creating or add on the signature in aol email, you can send a text email to your email address and see if the signature is appearing in the email as expected or not.

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