How Do You import AOL Contacts to Gmail

How to Import AOL Messages and Contacts Into Gmail

Follow the below stepwise guidelines for syncing or import AOL to Gmail Migration:

  • Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account in which you want to forward AOL email.
  • Step 2: Move your cursor at top-right corner, click on Gear icon >> Settings.
  • Step 3: Go to Accounts and Import. Click on Import mail and contacts.
  • Step 4: A new window will appear, Sign into your other email account. It will ask for What account do you want to import from? For example: [email protected]
  • Step 5: Enter the password for [email protected] account.
  • Step 6: 3 Import options will appear.
  • Step 7: Select the import options for [email protected] email account:
    • Import contacts
    • Import mail
    • Import new mail for next 30 days
  • Step 8: Click on Start Import button.
  • Step 9: Finish. A message will appear that: Your messages and contacts are being imported.
    It may take several hours (sometimes up to 2 days) before you start to see imported messages.You can close this window and keep using Gmail or even log out and close your browser – we’ll continue importing your mail and/or contacts in the background. To check the status of your import, look under Settings > Accounts and Import.
  • Step 10: Check your Gmail inbox. All AOL emails has been forwarded to Gmail Inbox.

How to Transfer Contacts From AOL to Gmail

Export AOL Contacts in CSV format

  • Step 1: First, Login to your AOL account.
  • Step 2: At left pane, click on Contacts.
  • Step 3: Select contacts from the list. Click on More and Select Export option.
  • Step 4: A dialouge box will pop-up, there are 3 options for export AOL contacts to Gmail.
  • Step 5: Select CSV and click on Export button.
  • Step 6: You can find all downloaded .cdv file at your default location: C:UsersadminDownloads

Note: Download location may be differ in various OS and if you had set it manually at any other drive, then go and find there.

Import Downloaded CSV File into Gmail Account

  • Step 1: Login to your Google Gmail Account.
  • Step 2: At top-right corner, click on 9 dots (Google apps) nearby your Google account icon. Find and hit on Contacts option from the list. Or you can direct visit here:
  • Step 3: In left pane, click on More.
  • Step 4: Click on Import option.
  • Step 5: A dialogue box will open named as Import contacts. Click on Select file.
  • Step 6: Select your downloaded contacts.csv file. Click Open.
  • Step 7: After doing this, file will be uploaded. Hit on Import button.
  • Step 8: Now check you Gmail contacts list.

Conclsuion : This guide above is about how to import/sync or transfer aol emails or contact to Gmail Automatically or manually.

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