Video Wont Open in AOL Desktop Gold

Fix Video Wont Open in AOL Desktop Gold

Sometimes, Video Won’t Open in AOL Desktop Gold only because of AOL flash player issue or windows media player. There may be many reasons for this problem. We’ve previously attempted many effective solutions to make your AOL videos play in the AOL Desktop Gold or mail. Here are some effective solutions to solve it correctly.

AOL Videos Wont Play and Others run correctly

When Video Won’t Open in AOL but all other videos are the finest, then solve error with following instructions if not the issue has resolved.

  • Check for new windows media player. If you are using the outdated one, update it or else, download and reinstall the new version of media player.
  • Open AOL videos in the compatibility mode.

Note- This is very necessary as the error has restricted to particular videos where You Tube videos work but AOL desktop Gold videos never work.

  • For AOL mail, add AOL website or page to the compatibility view list.

To open video in the compatibility view

  • Make right click on AOL video and choose, “properties”.
  • Select, “compatibility” button and click on checkbox of, “Run this program in the compatibility mode” button.
  • Then, choose your OS from the drop-down window and hit on apply option to save the changes.

Try to Open & Run AOL Videos-

  • Still, if AOL videos don’t play, install, and download new adobe flash player on your device.
  • For more, deactivate all the security software programs installed on your device just like windows defender.

No Video Open in AOL Desktop Gold OR AOL Browser/AOLmail

  • For AOL browser window or AOL mail, hit on, “customize & control” option of the browser.
  • After that, scroll down to JavaScript settings on the page, and click on, “Permit all the websites to run JavaScript” radio option.
  • Now your JavaScript obtains allowed!!
  • If you’re attempting to run AOL videos on windows OS, install new Adobe flash player & windows media player. For Linux OS, you need to download Active X.

AOL desktop displaying Audio but No Video

Once videos have sound but no image and just a black screen while playing in AOL desktop gold, follow below steps given-

  • Open the browser window which plays sound but no video.
  • Select, “control/ click” or hit double times in the window of the video.
  • Choose the settings & uncheck, “enable hardware acceleration”.
  • You will begin observing the video in the flash player.
  • Still, video not playing in the desktop gold, check for the correct & compatible video format. You may convert them in the supported formats.

Error code 14 when attempting to run AOL Videos

The error code 14 message shows that Network error that causes video download to fail. To solve it, while you can’t view videos on AOL mail, follow all these steps-

  • Revive your device and attempt again.
  • Leaving it, starting again modem, system and any other networking equipment, can assist you to obtain a better connection on your system.
  • For full fix, follow the instructions below-
  • Shut down your computer system correctly.
  • Disconnect the power cable from dial-up modem, DSL, and router.
  • After thirty seconds, reconnect the power cable into your dial-up modem, DSL or cable.
  • If you’ve a router, connect the cable into it and turn on your system.

Running AOL Videos won’t play correctly

For irregular videos, follow below steps given-

Allow necessary start-up programs
  • To stop certain non-necessary start-up programs from opening or running-
  • Press windows +R key totally on keyboard.
  • Then, enter, “‘msconfig” in the opened window and hit, “enter” button.
  • Then, select, “start-up” button and reject all those programs that you do not want to run on system’s start-up.
  • When completed, click on, “Yes” to start again the computer system and apply the changes.
  • For full process, ask desktop gold technician for aid.

In the case, Video Won’t Open in AOL after applying the above steps, clear cache, cookies, browsing history and footprints. Therefore, you can fix video won’t open in AOL Desktop Gold straightforwardly. Still, if you have any confusions, you can take proper guidance from experienced professionals.

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