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Steps To Download AOL App For Android Windows 7 8 and 10

With growing technology, different platforms have been launched to cater to various services like searching for information, sending emails, document files, streaming videos, playing games, and many others. It gets difficult to access all at one time or say still there is no scope to do so. But, what if you get this opportunity to use all these services at one stop? Yes, AOL Mail App has brought this feature to ease people’s life. You need to download this app and register an account on it, and then make use of it. This handy app is basically a miniature version which allows you to perform all the activities over the mobile phone in the same way that you can perform on the desktop while on the go.To know more, read the article further:

What Features You Get With Your AOL Mail App?

If you are still pondering about the features of AOL, you can get it here. If you are fond of exclusive features, you have chosen a very exciting app. Just have a look at its features.

  1. Allows to Access AOL Mail:
    • It gives access to use AOL Email account anytime
    • The user only needs to configure their AOL webmail on the AOL App.
    • Amazing features in its cart like sticky notes, reminder, clock, etc to make life easy
    • Now the users of AOL App can delete, mark, archive and remove the emails by with only one click.
  2. A Quick Search for Important Emails:
    • You will get the latest news on AOL App
    • It gives the user the platform to read the latest news feed
    • It also has a notification feature; thus if you tap the push button, you will receive news feed notifications.
  3. Weather Forecast:
    • AOL has weather forecasting feature.
    • Do not worry about your outing as it will notify if weather is not suitable.

Essential Provision To Download AOL App For Android and iPhone

  • For Android Users: The people who want to install AOL Android App should have android 4.1 version on their phone
  • For iOS Users: To install AOL App you must have the latest 9.3 version as it only supports 9.3 version in iPhone.

What Are The Steps To Download AOL Mail App in Android?

Take these steps to download and install AOL App on Android:

  1. Tap the home screen of your smartphone
  2. Now since you are Android users, you need to go Play Store
  3. Next, go on the search bar and type AOL App
  4. You will receive download AOL Mail App link, click on it
  5. Downloading will start
  6. Next, opt installation
  7. Follow the on-  instructions to complete the process
  8. Hurrah! Freely use different services together.

How To Download AOL App For iPhone?

Following are the useful process that will help you download AOL App for iPhone:

  1. Go to the app store
  2. Then, in search bar type AOL app
  3. Next, click Search
  4. If asked, give your Apple ID
  5. Once completed with on-screen instructions,
  6. Tap Open

What Are The Minimum Requirements To Download AOL App For Windows?

  • Version: Desktop Gold

  • Language: English
  • Size: 15 Mb
  • Operating System:- All OS Version (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10)
  • Screen Resolution:- 1024 * 768 or above
  • Processor:- Minimum 266 MHz or faster
  • Memory:-  Minimum 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space.
  • Internet:- High-speed internet

Essential Prerequisites Before Download AOL Mail App for Windows

  • Verify your OS that if it is updated to the latest version or not
  • Inspect that there is no conflict element installed in your system
  • Delete unwanted elements and confirm there are no junk files left
  • Cross-check that you have a valid subscription

Know The Easiest Method To Download AOL Mail App for Windows

Without being tricky, we have crafted an easy way to download AOL App for Windows in a few minutes. Follow this:

  1. Go to Microsoft Store
  2. For this, go to start menu and search ‘Microsoft Store’.
  3. Navigate to top right corner of the window
  4. Go to the search bar and type AOL app
  5. Click on “AOL app” & click Install
  6. The installation may take some time but will successfully installed

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