Chrome Wont Open in Windows

How to fix Chrome Wont Open in Windows

Knowing how to fix Chrome when it doesn’t open is necessary know-how. No browser is perfect, and it can fail to the point of not even being able to open in Microsoft Windows. Since Google is aware that this can happen, they have provided their users with various tips to try out.

The possible fixes won’t require that you download any additional software. The tools you can use are integrated into the browser and are only a few clicks away. Even if your browser hasn’t failed you yet, it’s good to know what to do before it actually happens.

Chrome Won’t Open: What to Do

Kill Chrome in Task Manager

One reason why Chrome won’t open could be because the process is running in the background. You won’t be aware of this because you won’t be able to see the browser window. What needs to be done here is to force quit Chrome and restart it.

You can do this by opening the Task Manager. A few ways you can open the Task Manager is by using the key combinations Ctrl + Shift + Esc, pressing the Windows and X keys and clicking on the option, or by right-clicking on the taskbar.

If you don’t see the apps that are running, click on the More Details drop-down menu and find Chrome. Right-click on it and select End Task. Restart Chrome, and hopefully, you can open it.

Remove the User Profile From Chrome

Deleting the user profile from Chrome could be the fix you need. To do this, you’ll need to open Windows Explorer. A few ways you can open Windows Explorer is by pressing the Windows and E keys or the Windows and X keys, the File Manager option will be towards the bottom.

Once it’s open you’ll need to go to AppData > Local > Google > Chrome > User Data. Or, you could open the Run box by pressing the Windows and R keys and pasting this: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

Locate the Default folder and create a backup copy of it to another drive. Once you’ve completed the backup, erase this folder. Restart Chrome and go to Settings > Advanced > Reset > Confirm. Hopefully, you will still remember your Google password since you will have to sign in all over again.

Run Chrome’s Built-in Malware and Virus Detector

If you don’t feel like running the antivirus you already have on your computer, you can always use the one Chrome has built-in. To access and run it go to Settings > Settings > Reset and Clean Up (Scroll all the way down) >  Blue find button.

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