AOL Mobile App Not Working

AOL Mobile App Not Working Troubleshooting Guide

The AOL mobile application is designed to keep users connected and so that they always stay updated with their AOL accounts. Users who download the AOL Mobile App quite literally have the world at their fingertips. Movies, email, news. Entertainment you name it the app has it. The AOL mobile app is great because users can receive instant notifications and reply to urgent email even while on the go. Even so, the app is not without its errors and glitches. AOL users often report that the mobile app may crash, freeze or may otherwise just stop working.

If you have also encountered a similar issue wherein the AOL Mobile stopped working well then this article is here to help. Luckily, if the error is not too serious, you do not necessarily have to be a technical engineer to know how to troubleshoot this sort of problem.

Must Follow When AOL Mobile App is Not working

Sign in issue:If the app is not working then it may point to a problem with the login credentials. You can try signing out and reentering your login details. If that does not work you can also try using another AOL account to make sure the problem is not with the account.

Device Update:The AOL Mobile App works best if are using the latest Android or Apple software. You can check your phone updates from the Settings menu. Updating the device software will also protect your phone from frequent app crashes.

Force Stop:If you see that the AOL Mobile App is not working on your Android device you should force stop the app and restart it. You can follow the steps given below to force stop AOL mobile app:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Under the Apps section search for AOL
  • Tap the Force Stop button and click Ok to confirm the action.
  • Wait for a while and re-launch the AOL Mobile App

Reinstall the app:If you experience that the app is giving a lot of trouble then the best thing to do is to delete the application and reinstall it. Here are the steps to delete and install the AOL mobile app once again.

  • Open the Settings menu on your phone.
  • Go to the Apps Settings and locate AOL.
  • Click on the AOL mobile app and the tap Uninstall
  • Press Ok to confirm the action
  • Restart your phone once you <strong>install AOL mobile app
  • Go to the App Store to download and install the latest version of the AOL Mobile App once again

If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above but the AOL mobile app is still not working on your phone contact AOL customer support number 1-888-572-7379 so that you can speak to a certified expert about the issue.

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