aol desktop gold running slow

My AOL Desktop Gold is running slow What should I do

There is no denying the fact that AOL Desktop Gold is one of a kind brilliant software which enables you to access a variety of things at one place. But sometimes when it runs slow or sluggishly, it tends to irritate the users. If you are also the one dealing with the same issue of this software then you must try to update AOL Desktop Gold 1-888-572-7379 to its latest version so as to fix the glitch without any extra efforts.

There can be varied reasons behind your software running slowly. You can try the below-given troubleshooting solutions to fix the issue without any assistance.

Fixing AOL Desktop Gold running or working very slow

Restart the computer

This is the basic step you can perform to get the issue resolved. First of all, close all the programs and restart the computer. This will help in clearing the internal memory or RAM which will result in better performance of the software.

Enable only necessary startup programs

You might have unknowingly set some programs to start automatically when the device gets turned on. There is a high possibility that that program would be causing trouble for the AOL Desktop Gold software to run slow. You must know that not all software is essential for the proper functioning of a computer.

If you are using Windows 10 then here is how you can enable only the important startup programs.

  • Click on the search box, right next to the search button and type in task manager and click on the enter key
  • Select the startup tab
  • Choose the unessential program by selecting and click the disable button
  • Repeat the selection until all the programs to be disabled gets selected
  • Once done, close the task manager window

To ensure that your software performs well, you must timely perform a deep scan of your device. If the problem still persists even after troubleshooting, then you must try to download AOL Desktop Gold once again from the official website. Make sure you check the basic requirements of the software compatible with the system. Otherwise, other problem may appear over time.

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