AOL Desktop Gold Not Working

AOL Desktop Gold icon Not Responding and Not Working Troubleshooting

AOL Desktop Gold is one of the easy to use and all-in-one desktop app that let allow doing multiple activities at one click such as mailing, browsing, searching and more. AOL Desktop Gold is best known for its reliable features that make it the best choice to use among the passengers. But sometimes users also confront AOL Desktop Gold not working issue that caused due to multiple reasons and then look for the proper way to fix.

If you are also get stuck into the not responding problem of AOL Desktop Gold, then read this article and learn about the step by step procedure to fix this problem.

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold not Responding?

If your AOL Desktop Gold has stopped responding on your computer and showing some unwanted error, then you can easily fix this problem with the help of below steps:

Check your network connection

Bad internet connectivity may also cause multiple issues and if you want to fix this problem, then make sure that your internet connection is stable and properly working.

Restart your system

If the AOL Desktop Gold not responding on your computer, then you can take restart to your system with the below steps:

  • Go to the Start menu and then click on Power icon.
  • Now click on Restart option.
  • After that, wait for fewer seconds until your computer starts and then try to open AOL Desktop Gold.

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold not Opening?

Are you trying to open AOL Desktop Gold on your computer? But it is not opening and showing some error? Then you can fix AOL Desktop Gold not opening problem with the help of below instructions:

Older AOL Desktop Gold version

If you are using an older desktop version of AOL Desktop Gold app, then you can also confront this problem. So update the AOL Desktop Gold to the latest version.

Virus or malware

Sometimes a virus, malware, and Trojans may also create lots of problems. So you can try any antivirus program to resolve this problem which will delete any temporary and unwanted file from your computer.

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold not Working?

AOL Desktop Gold provides a smooth experience whenever you use it but sometimes it stops working due to multiple reasons. If you wish to fix AOL Desktop Gold not working issue, then you can try the below methods:

Check the source file on AOL Desktop Gold

  • First of all, find the AOL Gold icon which is available in System try of your computer.
  • Click on Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Now check the targeted file and then copy the URL.
  • After that, paste this link to your browser and verify the availability of these files.

Disable antivirus program

Sometimes antivirus programs also caused several problems. So you can try to disable antivirus program from your computer and then check whether AOL Desktop Gold is properly working or not.

With these above-stated simple steps, you can fix AOL Desktop Gold not responding problem in a very simple manner and if you are still getting any kind of issue while applying these methods, then you can contact the customer support team for an instant and relevant assistance.

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