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Troubleshoot 1-888-572-7379 AOL Desktop Gold Address Book Disappeared

AOL desktop gold is able to solve your various problems and help you to easily approach your internet result. You can enjoy a way of internet searching and browse with the cool features of AOL gold.However, at some points, you also may get a situation when you unable to get the address book in your aol desktop gold address book. So you need to look at the solution mentioned in this blog and try to figure that out.

AOL Contacts Missing | Address Book has disappeared on AOL Gold

Do you find your AOL contacts missing from Desktop Gold or AO.L. mail account?

Then, follow the suggestions, tips, and troubleshooting steps- given ahead to restore missing contacts in desktop gold.

If AO.L. address book contacts will appear to be missing in Desktop Gold software or mail server then, follow the further defined troubleshooting steps one-by-one, unless your problem is resolved.

Verify Network Connection

  • Simply start by checking your Internet connection. For this, open any website! If you aren’t able to launch any webpage successfully, then troubleshoot your broadband connection.
  • For this, you may start with the verification of physical connections. In case, everything is alright at your END then, contact your ISP for Internet

Check your AOL Webmail

  • Next, login AOL mail account and check if the contact list gone from the new AOL or not! If the contacts are there, sign out of AOL mail account and sign in AOL Desktop Gold account.
  • However, if still-AOL contact missing, then uninstall the old installed Desktop gold software and reinstall new AOL Desktop Gold.

Run AOL Address book Sync

The steps are important to synchronize both AOL mail and Desktop Gold account with each other.

Important: Follow these steps only if you can see your AOL contacts in mail account but not Desktop Gold.

  • Login and AOL Desktop Gold account that is not displaying your address book.
  • Go to and click on ‘Run’ button.
  • Next, follow on-screen instructions to complete the AOL address book sync process.
  • Once it completes, you may re-login AOL Desktop Gold account to check, if the missing AOL contacts have restored or not.
  • Other than this, you may even export these AOL mail address book. Just above your contacts list, tap on ‘More’ OR ‘Export’.
  • Then, select your file type, such as CSV.
  • Finally, click on ‘Export’ button to complete the process. Later, import the same file from your PC to AOL Desktop Gold account.

Important: To save any AOL contacts in the AOL mail or Desktop Gold address book, make sure to use only “words” rather than a symbol, apostrophe, or space (as, the feature is no more available)

Post-Windows Live Essentials Update, Can’t Restore AOL Contacts Missing

So, you get error loading AOL Address Book after the windows update?

Generally, the updates have no effect on any of your AOL address book or mails. However, if it has an undesirable effect- restore your system to its previous setting with following steps:

  • Click on Start button-> Control Panel. Then, type recovery in the search box of opened window
  • Next, choose Recovery-> System Restore-> and, click on Next button
  • Select the most recent windows essentials live update from the list and click delete to restore to its previous status.
  • In case, you aren’t able to restore the system, make sure the system protection is turned on. To do so, open Control Panel-> select system recovery-> Configure System Restore-> Configure and make sure “system protection” is selected.

However, if you want to permanently delete an installed update from the system:

  • Click on Start button-> Open system Settings -> Update & Security-> Windows Update-> Advanced options-> View your update history-> Uninstall updates.
  • AT last, select the latest installed update and select Uninstall

With this, restart your PC and login AOL Gold again to find missing Address Book contacts in AOL Desktop Gold.

Other Reasons for AOL Contacts Missing With SOLUTIONS

Address Book Hiding Due to Sorted Category

Simply put, if the AOL contacts book missing – it may be because of the category unselected.

To change the category listing:

  • Open your account with authenticated login credentials
  • Then, go to Mail menu and tap on Address Book
  • Next, select the category listing and ensure all the AOL contacts listed are selected
  • Lastly, close the ‘Address book’ and either refresh AOL Gold program or re-login AOL Desktop Gold account to check if the hidden AOL address book is visible or not.
  • However, if you still can’t locate the AOL address book then- we recommend uninstall and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold software.

The steps are quite essential as, they remove all damaged and non-repairable files from the program (that may be otherwise, stopping certain AOL operations like displaying AOL contacts).

Hope this helps! In case, you need more advanced solutions to fix ‘Address Book Is Missing Error in AOL Mail or Desktop Gold’ – please let us KNOW.

Temporary Internet Files Causes default AOL Contacts Missing

May sound weird but it’s TRUE!

Sometimes, temporary Internet files and cookies on your PC can also cause Address Book to disappear on AOL Gold or mail, and on IE. [Because more saved history list means, more disk space used on your computer].

Therefore, to clear history, cache, and cookies, reset all settings as follows:

  • Shut down the browser window (if any, opened)
  • Tap on start button and select Programs-> and then, click on the browser you wish to open.

Note: The steps explained ahead are in reference to IE. For other browsers, the steps will be same however, the terms used may differ.

  • Click on Tools (at upper-right side of window) and select ‘Internet Options’
  • Then, on General tab, click ‘Delete’ button under Browsing history section
  • Later, repeat the process under Temporary Internet files section to clear all the cache
  • Followed by it, clear cookies- by tapping on ‘Delete Cookies’ button, under its respective section. Similarly, repeat the process under ‘History section’.
  • Once all the unnecessary files are deleted from PC, choose ‘Security’ tab and click on ‘Default Level’ button

With this, restart your AOL Desktop Gold or mail account and check, if the AOL contacts missing get recovered or not?

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