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How to Clear Cookies, Cache Memory and Browsing History in AOL?

How to Clear Cookies, Cache Memory and Browsing History in AOL?

Delete or clear cookies cache and history in AOL browser

If you browse on the Internet using the AOL browser he is going to save all cookies, its going to remember every website you visited and so on. In otherbrowser you would say: how do I delete cookies, cache and history. If you use AOL browser, it will allow you to do the same thing the only difference it`s the name, here it`s called Clearing the footprint but the results are the same..

When you browse through the internet, some temporary files and cookies get stored to your computer system. The purpose of these cookies is to make a webpage more convenient to use. The only disadvantage is they may clog your system’s disk space. On the other hand, cache memory is a RAM that a computer’s microprocessor can call quickly. The basic purpose of this memory is to store those items in the RAM, which are being frequently accessed by the user.

To get rid of this disk space and slow speed of your PC issue, it is recommended to clear these cookies, cache memory along with browsing history and footprints in your AOL browser. The only problem you will have to face is typing all your saved passwords again while signing up your email ID, enter the URLs of even most frequently used websites again in the browser, and a few more.

To clear or Delete AOL Browser Cookies and History follow the below mentioned steps:


  • Open the AOL software, click “Keyboard Menu” followed by “Go to Keyword”
  • Visit browser settings
  • Select the “Security Tab” and mark a check in the boxes provided in front of browsing history cookies and browsing cache memory
  • Clear the “Clear Footprints” button
  • Now, click the “Save“ button to apply the changes

If the problem still persists, simply contact  AOL customer support and a certified technician will help you out in no time.

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