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Why I cant Open Attachments in My Aol Email

Why I cant Open Attachments in My Aol Email

How do I solve cant I attach files to AOL Email Account?

Mostly AOL Email client uses to this account for mail sending and receiving in the whole world. If you are using to this email account for personal or professionals work then you should be easily attached files, documents, video, pictures or other important details without any difficulty. A user can access this mail from their computer, desktop, mobile phone, iPhone or other gadgets. But, due to a number of kind cause users face some trouble like unable to open an email with attachments(cant open attachment in aol mail), or problem in sending file etc. But no worry, in this article you will learn how to solve it issue in an easy way.

How to fix cant I attach files to AOL Email Account error?

When you are trying to attach a file to your account but unfortunately you cant attach to your file then behind this issue can be a number of reason like

  • Limit exceed to attach file – If you attach large file then you can face trouble because AOL Email give 25 MB space to attach the file in each client so check to your file size it should be less from this limit.
  • Browser error – Are you using old browser version? If you are using the older version of the browser then sometimes it can problem in the file open.
  • Internet connection mistake – However, your internet is not working fine then also user will face opening attach or attach the file.
  • Attach file link is not working properly – When you click on attach file link but the button is not working then you cant attach to your file. Make sure, you need to change your other browser check on it.

These are the helpful guidelines for AOL Email customers which want help related how to attach the file in AOL Email, cant attach files to AOL Email account etc. A user can also get more help from AOL Professional  executives they will also give you instant answer for your doubts.

Troubleshooting to Send File Attachments with AOL Email

Are you the new client of AOL Email account? I think right, because of new user face to this type trouble in their mail account the main reason they are not recognizable with this mail service. No stress, try to the following process to attach the file to AOL Email account like

  1. Firstly, you need to open your device and web-browser.
  2. After that, you can search AOL sign-in page in your browser and click on it.
  3. Next, the user will enter their email id and password it should be correct.
  4. Later, the client will find out the compose button, click on it.
  5. Now, a form will open on your computer or other device screens.
  6. Then, the customer can write the email address to that person where they want to send the message, type subject, enter the message, click on select files to attach and when you file has been uploaded then you can get on the send button.

Troubleshooting to receive attach the file with AOL Email

If you are using to AOL Email account on your desktop, but you join to this account from short time. Then, you can know to receive attach the file by following instructions like

  1. First of all, the user will open to their AOL Email account.
  2. Now, when your account has been opened then you can find the inbox button, click on it.
  3. At the present, you will appear the all the emails in your account.

I hope it is enough for you, now you can look your emails and if you want a reply to these emails then it is also possible for you.

We hope above these steps will help you to fix i cant open attachments in my aol email problems either you can contact with aol help number at 1-888-572-7379

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