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How to Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails

How to Fix AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails

There are different reasons for AOL not sending or not receiving emails problem. This can happen due to your slow internet, AOL inbuilt spam filter, your web browsers etc. Regardless of the reason, you should fix this problem as early as possible so that you don’t miss an important email. This post is intended to help those users who are unable to send or receive AOL emails. Here, we will discuss the possible causes of your problems and how you can get rid of these problems with ease.

Lets Find the Solution for AOL not Receiving emails and AOL not Sending Emails Problem

How to Fix AOL not Receiving Problem

Here are the steps by which you can fix the aol mail not receiving problem:

Internet Connection: Firstly, you should ensure that your PC or mobile device is connected to a proper internet connection.

Check your other folders within AOL: Sometimes, new emails can land in wrong folders within your AOL account. So, you should look for the email in other folders as well such as trash, Spam etc.

Make sure account is not deactivated for inactivity: If you are not using your AOL account for a while then your account may get deactivated. You should make sure that your account is not deactivated due to inactivity.

Delivery delay: In some rare cases, the AOL email can get delayed in transit. In such cases, you should request the sender to send the email one more time

Clear your browser's cache:If you are using AOL webmail version then you should clear the cache memory of your browser.

Switch to AOL android app (for the mobile users): You can also switch to AOL mobile application if you can’t receive AOL email on the web. If AOL not working on android then you may also switch to a different web browser.

Disable your firewall temporarily: If the problem continues then you should disable your windows firewall 

Check your Block list: Check the block list of your AOL email account and make sure you haven’t blocked the sender. Apart from the block list, you should also check the filter in case AOL not receiving some emails.

Check the settings of your Email client: If you can’t receive AOL email on Outlook, Thunderbird etc. then you should ensure that your AOL mail is properly configured using IMAP/ POP.

Talk to your sender:You should also talk to your senders and ensure they are not sending emails to a wrong email address.

Contact AOL email: In case all the steps fail to fix the problem then you should report your problem to the AOL.

How to Fix AOL not Sending Problem

Follow the steps below if you are unable to send email through your AOL email account are as follows:

Check your Internet Connectivity: First of all, check the internet connection and ensure that your internet connection is fast enough to upload attachment and send emails.

Restart your Computer: Sometimes, a simple restart can also fix the problem. So, you should try to resend email after restarting PC.

Clear your browser's data:In case you are using AOL on the web then you can try to fix the problem by clear the cache, cookies of your browser.

Switch to a different browser: You may also switch to a different browser if you still can’t send emails.

Check your AOL Display name:Please note that if you have any combination of “AOL” in your display name then you can’t send email on AOL. So, you should change your Display name if it is problematic.

Disable antivirus or pop-up blocking software:Temporarily disable the pop-up blocker or antivirus software installed in your device.

Fix the problem with your email attachment: Remove the attachment if it is too big in size or contain files in an unsupported format

Check the email format: If your AOL email not opening at receiver’s end then you should change the email format i.e. Rich text/ HTML etc.

Contact your recipient: Get in touch with your recipients and request them to check their spam folder. Also, request to check their block list and ensure that you are not blocked by them.

Check AOL account configuration: If you can’t send or receive AOL email on iPhone/ Android then you should reconfigure your account. You can configure an AOL account on iPhone automatically, so you need not worry about IMAP/POP settings if you are an iPhone user.

Report the problem to AOL: In case AOL is not receiving and sending emails 2019 even after following all the steps then you should contact AOL to report the issues you are facing.

We Hope above the solution for AOL not receiving emails and AOL not sending emails to other email will help you to come out from these problem

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